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Welcome to my creative space.

I love to share my passion for DIY projects with my blog and my pattern collection.  I believe that everyone can unlock their creativity and take pride in making things on their own.  In this space, you will find many inspiring projects for both beginners and advanced.

With the eco-friendly craft supplies I offer on my web site, I also help craftspeople and designers make fabulous jewelry or sewing and knitting projects... while contributing to a more harmonious future with Nature.

Together, we can change the world.. one Zen craft idea at a time!

Take care of yourself.
Take care of the earth.

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Inspiring creative place by AnnyMay

Wooden Buttons

Big wooden button 40mm - 3 colors available


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Big wooden button 35mm - 2 colors available


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Eco Friendly Beads

Recycled glass bead - blue irregular bead - 15mm

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Soft Blue Buri Nut Tube Bead 11x7mm


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Knitting Supplies

Bamboo DP Knitting Needle - 5 sizes available


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French Knitter Wooden Spool with needle


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DIY Tutorial Blog

Jewelry tutorial: making natural cord bracelets with wooden beads and buttons

Here is a truly eco-friendly tutorial! These unique bracelets are made using hemp cord and wooden accessories. You can easily change or adapt colours and sizes to your taste.

You will need the following items:
-Hemp cord or any other kind of natural cord
-Wooden buttons and beads
-Clasps, jumprings and end fasteners

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12 Free cats knitting patterns

Here are some lovely free patterns to knit or crochet cats.

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Painting Halloween Pumpkins

We have a tradition in our blended family ; it’s a tradition that goes back seven years ago when I met a wonderful life companion.

He’s the one who introduced this tradition to the family. One day, he brought a superbly painted pumpkin for our very first Halloween together. We painted another one to celebrate our new little family.
Since then, instead of carving pumpkins out, we paint them.

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